Re: [dev] Writing subtitles for videos

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Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2017 17:14:24 +0000

On 2017-08-31 1:07 pm, Timothy Rice wrote:
>> We are really glad to know you've been entertained.
> I think you mean "I am really glad".
>> this would have been more constructive to address directly Thomas to
>> ask
>> about his needs if you're interested at all in this discussion.
> It sounds like you want to have a discussion about how to do things
> constructively.
> Are you sure you would have anything to contribute to such a
> discussion, or
> are you just going to give me a four paragraph feature request without
> actually contributing anything yourself?
>> Thank you for the noise, bro.
> No, please, the thanks must go to *you*, for adding noise to call me
> out on
> making noise about you making noise.
> Noise ad infinitum, all because you called out isabella for calling out
> Thomas for presenting a four paragraph feature request.
> Your bat.

Holy shit. Is everyone on here a fucking child trying to score points
something that really doesn't matter? People like you are the reason why
Usenet died.

Grow up.

If you want to know how to deal with something like an adult:

* If it's not interesting to you, ignore it, don't bother whining about
   because nobody cares.
* If you think it's not relevant, direct them to somewhere else and move
   don't flame like some twelve year old who just got a laptop.
* If you think they've asked a stupid question, tell them how their
   is stupid and how to improve, move on. If you don't want to do that,
move on.


- fao_
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