Re: [dev] pids for surf, webkit instances

From: S. Gilles <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2017 01:06:01 -0400

On 2017-09-06T07:14:21+0300, Greg Minshall wrote:
> hello.
> every now and then some browser instance goes resource wild. top(1) or
> ps(1) show the PID consuming all the resources (normally a webkit
> instance), but i haven't figured out a way to go from that to knowing
> which instance to kill off, given that most often i start surf from
> dwm(1), which starts surf on a generic search engine page, and then i go
> from there. is there an obvious method for correlating a PID to an
> actual instance?

xprop | grep PID


S. Gilles
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