[dev] [st] Some tmux trouble

From: Hadrien Lacour <hadrien.lacour_AT_posteo.net>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2017 22:15:24 +0100


I'm trying to do
`st -e "tmux a -t cmus"`

but it only gives me `child finished with error '256'`.

* `tmux a -t cmus` works perfectly in an already open st.
* `st -e tmux` works fine (there's an `erresc: unknown private set/reset mode
        1005` message, though).
* `tmux new -A -s dash -d dash; st -e "tmux a -t dash"` fails (the problem isn't
        in cmus).
* xterm works in both cases.

Tested with 0.7 and git.
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