Re: [dev] ASCII Delimited Text

From: Martin Tournoij <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2018 15:46:52 +0100

On Wed, May 16, 2018, at 15:05, Adrian Grigore wrote:
> What do you guys think of this:

I think it's a reasonable alternative to CSV or TSV. I actually used it
for the file format for a small Vim plugin I wrote a few years ago:

It's not perfect though. It's a bit difficult to type manually <C-v>030
are quite a lot of key strokes.
It also shows up as ^^ in Vim with the default settings, which looks
kind of weird. Some other editors may not display it at all.

Especially if you want non-tech people to deal with it using RS or US is
perhaps not a good idea. They'll open it in Notepad or Word and who
knows in what kind of interesting ways it'll get mangled and broken. In
a perfect world it would deal well with it, but Notepad still can't
handle Unix newlines...
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