Re: [dev] [st] How to make it distinguish Control-p from Control-P?

From: harry666t <>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2018 20:06:31 +0200

The terminal is still the lowest common denominator in user
interfaces. Which is Good, because while it restrains you from doing a
few useful things, it also stops everyone else from doing some
extremely harmful things. Sadly that also means there's little
incentive for fixing the awful stuff (like the escape code madness),
if from the end user's POV there are no new features.

So I'll bring up a thread from 2011, just for reference...
I would be interested in an "alternative timeline" terminal emulator &
protocol, which ticks all of these check boxes:
- unicode is not an afterthought
- line oriented I/O (shell / "conversation" mode) is as easy and
stupid to do as it is with this timeline's tech
- character cell oriented UI with raw keyboard input is a matter of
flicking one switch
- fully serializable protocol, so we can use it over serial / SSH / etc
- writing both a "server" (terminal emulator) and "client" (app)
component from scratch in plain old C should be a "programming 102"
exercise, like writing a simple HTTP server / client

I'm sure this exists in some alternate universe. I'm sure the effort
for creating this from scratch based on the above requirements would
be infinitely lower than building a device for actual cross-universe

Just dumping this here to tease our hacker minds.
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