[dev] Fix for dwm crash due to emoji in window titles

From: Alexander Krotov <ilabdsf_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 02:19:43 +0300

From time to time there are threads about the bug in dwm that make it crash
when it cannot render some glyphs in window titles (usually emoji).

Here is a way to reproduce the bug:

Here is an attempt to fix the bug that makes dwm freeze:

Attached is a patch that fixes the bug for me. With it applied the symbol
is simply not rendered (while other symbols are) and dwm continues to be

It fixes both the crash due to symbols in the window title and due to
symbols in the status bar (xsetroot -name).

I do not understand xlib and Xft enough to make a more clean fix, but
hopefully maintainers can improve it and apply to the mainline. Meanwhile,
dwm users can use this workaround.

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