Re: [dev] GPL free Linux

From: Cág <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 14:57:00 -0600

Alessandro Pistocchi wrote:

> Hi everyone,


> I am working on a project to remove gpl stuff from Linux userspace ( I
> am ok with GPL executables but not with GPL or LGPL libraries ) and I
> see that your projects tend towards more open licenses.

You probably should be replacing GNU stuff with alternatives. The
is only bad because it's GNU, because it's unreadable, and because it's
very limiting.

> Particularly, I want to replace udev with smdev.
> I was wondering if anybody would be interested in helping me.

I guess it's not that hard, all smdev does is making nodes in /dev.
udev just adds useless layers on top of that.

> My aim is to create a Linux distribution that is simple to get started
> with but at the same time is a credible alternative to windows and
> macos as a desktop machine.

That is, Ubuntu. suckless is apriori incompatible with most computer
users; it's even mentioned on the Philosophy page, if it's not
obvious enough. On the other hand, even a stay-at-home mom can use

> I want something like a modern version of a home computer like the
> Amiga was many years ago but with current features like GPU and all
> the goodies we have now.

That is, DragonFlyBSD.

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