Re: [dev] Coding style: why /* */ and not //?

From: <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2019 14:28:38 +0000

Those guys are amazing. How much more toxic can they be?? I am really
suspicious of their "sponsorship" with the linux fondation. I don't think they
did grant a exFAT/FAT64 free patent use for all linux users... (event though on
most digital cameras, the 'official' file system of SDCards is exFAT/FAT64).

I would be able to use a kernel based file system driver than fuse crap:
exFAT/FAT64 is simple and well understood enough to be in the kernel, which is
not the case of the ntfs reversed engineered fuse driver (ntfs-3g).

Back on PDF 2.0: as a binary vector format for printing, the 2.0 does
complement/cleanup some color space stuff which is a good thing, but... they
added a huge amount of cr*p with the html-ish forms. I don't recall they put the
html-ish form cr*p in an optional annex this time.

As for the web, the pb is mainly at the w3c and at the web developer level. I
am getting a lawer and I am going to start to deal with this issue first with
the french administration. Noscript browser devs may have to team up in order
to get something in official html standard, which is "edited" by M$ and gogol
ppl. A noscript/light browser profile, something like that.

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