[dev] Let's talk about Go, baby

From: Nick <suckless-dev_AT_njw.me.uk>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2019 17:53:22 +0000

Quoth Hiltjo Posthuma:
> On Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 02:21:26PM +0000, Nick wrote:
> > That way we can devote the mailing list to more productive pursuits,
> > like arguing for the millionth time that C++ is terrible.
> >
> Don't keep spamming the mailinglist with the same things then. It is up to the
> community to make the mailinglist interesting. An example could be to post your
> personal projects (that conform to the suckless philosophy ofcourse) or patches
> that make the software world better.
> It is a community group effort to make suckless an interesting and fun place to
> be.

I know, I was just joking, I agree.

On that subject, I've been really enjoying writing Go code, lately.
It's the first high level language I've properly enjoyed using for
an extended period of time, and the standard library is great. My
favourite thing about it is that there aren't really many language
features, but what is there is very powerful (interfaces ftw!), so
it's easy to learn, understand, and read.

I'm still learning, so figuring out the best ways to construct and
organise things is a work in progress (my first proper project had
many tiny libraries, which is annoying), but I'm getting there. And
the journey to becoming competent in a different language is
certainly helping me think through problems in new ways, which is
always good.

Anybody else enjoying Go? Or hating it? Have I become lazy and
trendy in my middle age?

Love y'all.
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