Re: [dev] Web development in C

From: Manu Raster <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 13:52:42 +0100

>> Can you web development in C?

Good counterexample to the popular crap but it still mimics popular
errors although lighter and in C. The better solution is always free of
sql and free of cgi, not to speak of ecmascript. HTTP and HTML-only
because we cannot ditch that. (Of course we can but that's another
topic.) It only comes with one premise: act quick before the usual
manager or scrum victim let things go awry. Weeping and gnashing of
teeth will be inevitable on their side, either in the beginning or in
the bitter end.

For example I use handwritten HTML-forms just like writing TeX and
collect the answers by email with mailto-technology (rfc 2368,
6068). The trade-off in speed (responsiveness™), sloc, security,
readability, hackability is great compared to any "dynamic" version[0]
and it teaches the testtakers an important lesson in using their email
clients and make their first step towards plumbing hypertext™, the
buzzword of the day when the ugly spider was in her infancy, with
appropriate programs. Another factum to remember is that a browser is a
program for displaying html documents only misused for system

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