[dev] Patch apply status overview

From: Hiltjo Posthuma <hiltjo_AT_codemadness.org>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 20:47:35 +0100


I'd like to show an experiment I made for automatically testing patches on the
wiki. Its purpose is it to have a quick overview of broken patches on the wiki.
I hope this will also help the community and patch authors in fixing these
patches together and pushing them to the public wiki repository.

HTML view: https://gunther.suckless.org/patches/
CSV parsable list: https://gunther.suckless.org/patches/index.csv

It is sorted currently by: project, patch name, project version.

The HTML view links to the original index page of the patch and the stderr and
stdout output of the patch command. Patches are tested with the command:

        patch -p1 -t -C < patchfile

The exitcode is the exitcode of this command ($?).

It works by parsing the project, version/revision from the patch filename then
it creates a clean tree from the project git repository of this revision and
tries to apply the patch. It is important the patches are consistent and
correctly named on the wiki. For format guidelines see:

It also finds incorrect revision names, these are shown on this link for now:

I'm unsure if this will be run automated or so, but it was fun to write anyway.

Kind regards,
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