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From: LM <lmemsm_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 14:55:17 -0400

I was reading through the dev mailing list archives and noticed the
posts in March asking which GUIs might be considered better than GTK+
and Qt. I'm very interested in the subject and have been searching
for a decent GUI library for a very long time. My latest list of
possible C based GUI alternatives is here:
https://lmemsm.dreamwidth.org/8313.html If anyone has found other
cross-platform GUIs or TUIs written in C that I've missed, please let
me know so that I can add them to the list.

I'd also be interested to hear what attributes list members think a C
GUI should have to better fit suckless.org criteria. If you were
creating your own GUI, what would you do differently than what's
already out there? One thing that I'd like is for a GUI library to
just handle graphical user interface related functions and not try to
provide an entire framework including data structures and/or functions
that duplicate standard POSIX C library functionality for platforms
missing POSIX compatibility. Another thing I'd want is at least
minimal internationalization support (enough to be able to handle
display and input of characters in the UTF-8 character set). I'd also
want the options to use keyboard input for devices that have a
keyboard or mouse/touchscreen/joystick input for devices that don't
have a physical keyboard. I prefer a GUI library that doesn't require
a custom or specialized build system just to get it to compile. Some
GUIs definitely seem like they try to do too much. Are there things
that are missing from common GUIs that you feel should have been
included in the design?

Would be interested to hear further comments on the subject. Thanks.

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