[dev] Hide window content when moving/resizing windows

From: Κράκ Άουτ <krackout_AT_gmx.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2021 10:40:39 +0200

I started using dwm a couple of months ago, switching from xfce4. Since
my pc is a bit constrained on resources I really appreciate the low
memory footprint of dwm. But I've noticed that it's slower than
xfce/xfwm when resizing/moving floating windows. Also on converting
tiled to floating and vice-versa (equivalent to unmaximize/maximize on

Regarding driver and general X setup everything is fine, 3D graphics, hw
assisted video playback work ok. I've pinned down the speed difference
to xfwm's option to hide contents of windows when moving and resizing,
which I've enabled on xfwm. Only the frame of the window is drawn, until
the final position when the hole window draws back again.

I've searched for dwm patches with equivalent functionality, haven't
found anything. Do you have any idea how to achieve hiding content of
windows when moving and resizing on dwm?

I've also met this,
I quote, "Some people mentioned that mouseresize is really slow in dwm".
Apparently others have noticed this lag also. In this mail there is a
patch/hack, but it's some years old, I tried to patch my dwm setup with
it, didn't make it.

I suppose for a light, hackable wm like dwm, it would be nice to have an
option or a patch to hide window content when moving/resizing windows.
It makes a difference on older hardware.
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