Re: [dev] Ada not Rust

From: Greg Reagle <>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2021 04:15:09 -0400

On Fri, Apr 23, 2021, at 22:12, Jeremy wrote:
> I wrote a library, libst(a fork of st), and modified st, dvtm to link
> against it:
> Try compiling & installing libst, then compile & run dvtm in libst/examples.

Okay, I am trying it. I get [[dvtm.c:39:10: fatal error: /usr/local/include/libst.h: Permission denied]]. Add these chmod lines to your Makefile:
        cp -f libst.a $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/lib
        chmod 644 $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/lib/libst.a
        cp -f libst.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include
        chmod 644 $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libst.h

When I compile examples/dvtm, I get a page full of warnings. Can you clean them up?

Would you be willing to provide a way (perhaps a Makefile target) to compile examples/dvtm with the extra checks that gcc and clang are capable of doing? I mean things like -g, -fsanitize=address -fsanitize=undefined, -lasan -lubsan, and so forth. Flags that are useful for debugging.

I tried examples/dvtm for one minute and it works okay, FYI. I have to use it a lot longer than that to reproduce a crash though.
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