Re: [dev] [surf] content filter interest check

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2021 08:34:58 +0200

Hello Jonathan,

> Launch delays might be a problem as WebKit seems to want to compile the filtering binary from a json rules file upon each and every launch. But I believe that is an optimization issue which I can address later. (Short term, I'll do what I can and you can opt out. Perhaps, medium-term, mimic emacs-server. Long term, maybe help develop an API that abstracts the renderer from the interface -- I suspect one imperative of "suck less" is "pipe more".)

Have you looked at wyebadblock?

> Your feedback is truly welcome, even if entirely negative. Questions are encouraged; accessibility concerns will be given particular attention.

Well, it's nice to read about your interest in surf. I don't know about
your skill level and motivation endurance, maybe start by doing
something not too complex to get aquainted with webkitgtk and its DOM
API, something that you won't take a year to do and can use quickly.

One thing that comes in mind is a webextention for having keyboard
“hints” on webpage (so that you can access links through a combination
of alnums instead of having to clickety-click everything).

In any case, good luck!
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