Re: [dev] [surf] content filter interest check

From: Jonathan Bakke <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2021 23:08:50 +0000

(Apologies for this inelegant reply to

Greetings, Quentin.

I hadn't seen wyebadblock; that looks like a great backstop and I'll try it soon. Thanks for pointing it out, and for helping me think about this in the larger context of webkitgtk rather than only about surf. My intention, though, is more like "upwardly mobile lynx" than "chrome with less chrome", so ad blocking is both more and less than I want.

Your advice to start off easy is well received. I do tend to contemplate projects well beyond my abilities. My current plan: clean up my existing code so that my patch should merely give surf the ability to apply a config.h-specified, WebKit-spec JSON rules file. Then, I'll put together a rule authoring utility from the logic in another app of mine, but using _SURF_URI instead of Apple's share extension, terminal text instead of interface builder, and SIGHUP instead of a Safari extension.

From there, who knows...but I do enjoy seeing other perspectives, and I hope the tools I make can help others as well.

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