Re: [dev] [dmenu][docs] XLFD fonts are not supported

From: Mateusz Okulus <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2021 20:33:34 +0200

> Moreover, the source code has apparently been change such that the
> variable name is now an array of strings and is called "fonts", not
> "font".

I ran 'git blame' and this has been changed in March 2015 in commit

You can run 'fc-list | grep -i terminus' to get the font name on your
system, then use:

static const char *fonts[] = { "Terminus:size=10" };

You can also leave the default monospace and then use fontconfig to
configure your fonts. Consult online and 'fonts-conf' man page.

If anything I would just remove that page on wiki. The default config
already provides an example that is easy to understand and change.


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