Re: [dev] Why not use the -exec feature of find?

From: Greg Minshall <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2021 06:36:27 +0300


> Slightly off-topic and moderately unpopular: find(1) doesn't quite well
> fit into the Unix userland. It starts with the syntax: multiletter
> options (POSIX calls them operands though), the $program $option(s)
> $file(s) order (compare the find's "do where what" vs natural -- like
> sed's or grep's -- "do what where"), and the overall purpose of the
> utility: it should construct a list of files/directories and match the
> given pattern.

fwiw, the standards such as long options starting with "--", etc., came
out many years after 'find' (or, 'dd', for that matter) were released.

cheers, Greg
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