Re: [dev] Wayland compositors

From: Страхиња Радић <>
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2021 17:36:55 +0200

On 21/09/08 01:36, Nick wrote:
> The fact that the Jitsi devs closed
> the bug as "not much we can do on our side" doesn't mean "wayland
> broke it and we can't fix it".

It's exactly the same thing.

> the screen recording / sharing stuff - it works differently on
> Wayland (for not-bad reasons),
> good reasons (thinking of the "prevents GUI applications from
> running as root" and "breaks windows rasing/activating themselves").

The issues listed show a pattern and the impact of breaking with a
long-standing, time-tested tradition just for the sake of doing something "new"
and "different". "New" doesn't automatically mean "good".

They also show the attitude of the developers responsible for Wayland. I don't
like it when the "developers" tell the users what is good for them, especially
when they are being opinionated and stubborn for no reason at all. Let the
users decide how they are using the software. Let us be able to make mistakes!

It is the same line of thought as when we compare C to a language like Rust. One
of the key reasons why C is better than Rust and similar overprotecting
opinionated languages, is because it gives user the freedom to do whatever he
wants, mistakes included. In this, C is closer to machine language, and thus
more powerful, more expressive, allowing finer control.

Similar thing to Wayland happened with systemd, the developers responsible for
it were acting unreasonably and immaturely when confronted with different
opinions. Whenever one lacks civility in communication and resorts to
swearwords, that shows faulty of his cause and a weakness of his conviction.

You haven't mentioned the other points, just some of the major ones being the
issue of non-GNOME desktop environments, for example KDE. I'm not using KDE, but
why just erase it in favor of GNOME monopoly? I'm using no desktop environment,
I'm using dwm, but many of its key features are not supported by Wayland.

Again and finally, I don't want to have to change my software-using habits just
because some "developer's" decision. I want to choose what software I use and
how. Thankfully, there are free licenses, and no free software is ever truly
"dead". If Wayland becomes enforced like systemd, in time there will be a
solution comparable to runit/OpenRC/s6.

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