[dev] [dwm] default window attaching behaviour

From: dther <dther_AT_dther.xyz>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 18:25:09 +1000

I've been thinking about dwm's default behaviours, and one of them
that's always confused me is how newly attached windows, by default,
launch as the "master". Why is this the case? Intuitively, when I begin
working, I launch the most important program first, and launch new
programs as I need them. I'd imagine at least 50% of people follow this
strategy of launching new windows as well. In general, older windows
are more "important". Why displace not only the master client,
but the *entire stack*, for the window least likely to remain useful?

I realise that this is a problem that can be easily solved with a patch
(and, in fact, I use attachbelow for this reason), but given how common
(I imagine) the above strategy is, my question is-
would it be reasonable for dwm's master branch include some way to toggle
an alternative "attachbottom" strategy?

I'd also like to know if I'm correct about my assumptions.
Do give thoughts if your "window initialisation"
thought process is completely different from mine.
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