[dev] I made a bluetooth-control-thing

From: Stefan Mark <mark_AT_unserver.de>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2022 17:30:50 +0200

I was always a bit annoyed by the lack of a simple, gui-based bluetooth
control thing. Like blueman, but not in a scripting language. And maybe
with somewhat simpler interface.

Thus i did this:

Its written in C, uses drw and dbus and it works. At least for me. It
lacks many features and proper testing. Aaaaand i got somewhat carried
away and dabbled with ideas of starting my own toolkit. Turned out,
such a thing is quite big a thing, thus there is no toolkit, but the
code is somewhat more complicated than it has to.

Anyway, i would like to hear some opinions :)

Sidenote and a warning: i am not a good c programmer. I just like to
use it :)

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