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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2023 11:36:00 -0500

Hi, Laslo.
Sorry, I might not have been best at explaining problem, but then again - I
didn't quite understand problem.. but said all I did understand.

> one of my development goals for quark was to have no memory allocations at

Right, I knew that.. but what about memory allocation BEFORE runtime?

Also, worth nothing - I did the stable git clone which gives a 2020 version..
but there seems to be a lot of patches from 2021 and some are anti-DDoS.

It is also worth nothing that I did some resource limitation, but nothing too
extreme. Again - I am not running Facebook or over clear-net, so connections
should be much slower.

And yes - when using curl it shows localhost thing and when Tor - Tor

I use rctl and limit openfiles.. and I guess that also goes for sockets..
should I increase this? Not a small number.
I guess open connections can be much frequent if I have big files and the
transfer speed is slooooow (like on Tor can be lol).. but shouldn't exceed
openfiles limit ..

According to Quark logs - I got like 8k connections in total, over a
period of
like 5 days.. unless there are some hidden connections - I don't see the HOW
the 'OOM KILLER' could be triggered.. and my biggest files are like less than

Do I have an idea? I could have many ideas, but I cannot do jack shit because
of my health with eyes.. even doing this is a hard challange.. and is ruining
my health.

So - yeah.. how many open connections are by default - does it scale up by
sort of resource discovery?
How does Quark figure out how big the connection pool is? Does it figure
out at
all? XD.

Quark seems to be some sort of fail2ban, too, huh, since it immediately drops
stuff.. but only when at critical usage? If so - very cool.

Sorry I couldn't help more.. And being an asshole.. I usually have more
patience, but I am losing my sanity and the will to live as my health
declines.. I just want to write C again.. oh God I am crying right now..
to listen 'Dennis Ritchie - Write in C' while crying*.

It seems some buddy chad of mine found it only allows for 64 connections by
default.. but even then - it shouldn't be exceeded, right?
Perhaps I can like somehow monitor shit in more detail? Can I add some
sort of
printf on connection output?

Thanks for your time.. I fucking love you *cries again*.

- Friendly anon
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