Re: [dwm] experimental layout patch

From: Steffen Liebergeld <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 17:33:23 +0200

On 7/24/06, Julian Romero <> wrote:
> > One (big) issue: when zooming, the zoom changes only between the
> > "bottom" and "main" window. Anyways, for me the layout isn't usable
> > because on a 1024x768 Desktop the main window is much too small. Also
> > the default layout is much more predictable.
> For me, with a 1024x768 desktop, the right column is always very
> narrow. With this new layout, when I have 2 client windows, the second
> one is more usable. With more than 2 I use the zoom...which you report
> as broken. I'll look to fix it.
> All this layout stuff is of course a matter of taste. It should be
> possible to have several layouts and have the possibility to stick a
> specific one for a certain tag and also to change it on-the-fly with a
> key shortcut.
> > > I've added two shorcuts to make bigger or smaller the master window
> > > (Mod-b and Mod-n)
> > Wouldn't it be cooler to have this shortcuts for the original layout?
> >
> Quite easy indeed. Apply this patches
> (You'll need to apply the second patch by-hand because I have the key
> bindings in a different file. Be aware that Next and Prev tag
> shortcuts are included also)

Those patches don't work with standard dwm-0.5. I'll try to merge them
thursday. At the moment I'm learning for a test, so I don't have time
for hacking.

> It should work with any layout.

Thanks for your ideas. I like the fact that dwm now has two experimental trees.

Steffen Liebergeld

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