Re: [dwm] rpmohn patch set

From: Ross Mohn <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 21:29:32 -0400

Attached is rpmohn-0.7a.diff which fixes a bug. Floating clients are NOT
always on top of managed clients. Sorry!

On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 13:30 -0400, Ross Mohn wrote:

> Attached is my patch set for the dwm-0.7 source code. The functionality
> modifications are described below. As a bonus, it uses fewer loc. If you
> have similar itches, feel free to use my scratches!
> * togglemax (MODKEY-m) works differently. Instead applying to a single
> client and only while that client has focus, it applies to all clients
> within the current tag view and remains in effect until you toggle it
> off. The mode of each specific tag view is independent of all the other
> tag views. In addition, you specify the startup mode for each tag view
> within your config.h file. Look at the new tags[] definition in
> config.default.h.
> * togglemode (MODKEY-space) works differently. Instead of applying to
> every client on every tag of the entire wm, it applies only to the
> currently focused client. Floating clients are now always on top of
> managed clients. You can also now use this toggle to put transient,
> pop-up, or even rule-based floating clients into the managed, tiled
> layout. Be aware that when you toggle a single client from managed to
> floating, any remaining tiled clients in the tag view adjust because
> there is one less client to tile. Floating clients are not affected by
> togglemax. Remove the #define for DEFMODE from your config.h as it isn't
> used with this patch set.
> # patch <rpmohn-0.7.diff
> Then configure and compile as usual.
> * Change max mode to stack mode.
> -RPM
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