[dwm] DWM -- It's so ... small

From: Jack J. Woehr <jwoehr_AT_absolute-performance.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 11:49:57 -0600

Thanks for dwm. Finally a window manager with a one-page manual!
And it does everything I need.

Sitting here in DWM, (all of whose source I can read in 1/2 hour),
wrestling with that Steaming Heap of Stuff called Apache Maven,
a build system so complex the Almighty Herself couldn't understand
it, and wondering where Open Source went wrong that we lost Simplicity
as a Virtue.

Great work, Anselm. I've been playing around with some m4 macros to
autogenerate .sh files which use Dmenu to make nested menus to text
specs ... but that's probably too complicated for the Zen of DWM :-)

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