Re: [dwm] improve

From: Ricardo Martins <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 22:58:57 +0100

On 23:33 Wed 06 Sep , Cedric Krier wrote:
> So if you look at the ebuild, you will see that you can setup a
> config.h.
> The patch allow just to specify some compilation option.

Sorry, I must have missed that bit of your message (that happens when
I'm trying to pay attention to more than a few things).

However, that doesn't prevent the user from being unable to compile
due to new/changed options in dwm which require changes to config.h.
Perhaps you could add some kind of check for custom configs, or
presenting a diff between the installed config.default.h and the new,
to-be-installed config.default.h ?


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