Re: [dwm] Maximize and popup windows

From: mikshaw <>
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 01:38:25 -0400

>From Georg Neis, (09/09/06 01:28):
> The maximize feature would be more useful to me if popup windows
> like the search prompt in Xpdf would not put the window back to
> tiling mode.

I agree that it would have *more uses* that way. Maximize in dwm does
not behave in a way that I initially expected it would, after seeing
a different behavior in other window managers.

One thing I've noticed about dwm, however, is that rather than expect
dwm to adapt to my desires, as is the case with large full-featured
window managers, I've been adapting (quite easily) to the simplicity
of dwm. Instead of seeing maximize as a way to have applications
forced into the full screen, I now use it only as a temporary way to
get a quick full-size view of a particular window. Since dwm already
maximizes windows to the available space, all I need to do to have a
permanently maximized application is to give it its own tag.
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