Re: [dwm] maximization handling

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 11:01:16 +0000 (GMT)

Anselm wrote:

| B) toggle/tag a specific 'max' tag and view that tag instead

Just a general remark: when I'm working on a single screen (I've got both a
2 screen home setup and a laptop, and I use both heavily) one of the things
I often want to do is have two long windows side by side (eg, for manually
fixing cruft in a diff application, etc). To do this I've ended up using this same
strategy: add a temporary tag to both clients and then view that just that temporary tag.
When I've finished I zap the temporary tag of all clients and change the selected
tag to go back to how things were. It brings in a reasonable number of functions
because I have both atomic "change tag on client"/"change viewed tag" and
"change tag on client then change viewed tag" versions, but I find myself using
this functionality so frequently I find it's worht it.

The code that does this requires a certain degree of "conventions"
about how to autopick the temporary tags that is a bit hacky (all to do
with incrementing/decrementing the highest set tag on multi-tagged clients), but it works
quite well for my usage. (This is part of the reason I have 15 tags available: so that
I have enough to leave space for all the temporary tags I might want to use.)

Just my thought,

cheers, dave tweed
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