[dwm] Java apps and dwm

From: Jukka Salmi <j+dwm_AT_2006.salmi.ch>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 13:48:20 +0200


I just switched a laptop (running NetBSD/i386 -current, XFree86 4.5.0)
from Blackbox to dwm. Everything works fine, except both Java programs
I have installed: [1]eclipse 3.2.0, using Sun JRE 5.0 for Linux with
NetBSD's compat_linux(8), and [2]SQuirrel SQL Client 2.2 final, using
either the same JRE as for eclipse or native Sun JRE for NetBSD.

While the problem I'm having with SQuirrel was [3]reported before, the
one with eclipse is not (AFAIR):

After starting eclipse the splash screen doesn't disappear, and CPU
usage rises to 100% (one of the many java processes uses about 50%,
and XFree86 the other 50%). Eclipse then seems not to respond to mouse
and keyboard events anymore and I have to kill it...

Both programs work fine on the same system under Blackbox or twm.
Furthermore it doesn't matter whether they are started floating or

Cheers, Jukka

[1] http://www.eclipse.org/
[2] http://squirrel-sql.sourceforge.net/
[3] http://www.10kloc.org/pipermail/dwm/2006-September/000777.html

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