[dwm] dwm and patches

From: Daniel Baumann <daniel_AT_debian.org>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:25:13 +0200


the current debian package of dwm (1.6-3) contains now alternative binaries:

/usr/bin/dwm.normal: unmodified dwm
/usr/bin/dwm.sticky-layout: dwm with sticky-layout patch
/usr/bin/dwm.wide-layout: dwm with wide-layout patch

whereas /usr/bin/dwm is handled through alternatives (look at
/etc/altneratives and man update-alternatives). The highest priority
has, and therefore installed as default, /usr/bin/dwm.normal.

Two wishes now:

  * if you supply a patch to dwm, please also supply the documentation
    for it (e.g. update the manpage to mention your changes).

  * does anybody mind to create a conglomeration patch which unifies
    all patches (atm, it's only stick and wide layout, but who knows
    what future brings..).


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