[dwm] matching on window title

From: Karl. <kmw1_AT_free.net.nz>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 16:20:28 +1200

I'm using dwm hg tip under Debian Testing, trying to set tags according
to the title of a new window. I have things like this in my config.h:

   { "XTerm:xjed:K.*", "plan", False },

but I can't get anything to match. For debugging, I tried adding an
fprintf to tags.c, just after the snprintf, like this:

   fprintf(stderr, "%s\n", prop);

As far as I can see, prop is the string that the rules are trying to
match against, but no matter what program I start, the title portion of
prop is always blank. Amongst other things I tried:

   xterm -title test_title

which I presume should be a definitive test.

What might I be missing in order to make this work?

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