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From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 11:09:38 +0200

On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 05:43:54PM +0000, David Tweed wrote:
> Anyway, that's _my_ view on things but the meta-point was that
> if you're thinking about multi-head as someone who doesn't use
> it, I do think it'd be useful to get
> feedback from others who do about any human-issues that arise,
> because they aren't obvious.

Exactly. However I don't want to change dwm too much, because
there is no need for me todo so. But I currently work on the
described extension of dotile() for XrandR setups (which I'll
own very soon) and with a neat side-effect for real dual-head
setups (no Xinerama - which I could use at my job in the future).

The new dotile() allows 3 stack positions, however, in effect it
will only support two when compiled - this is because you
mentioned the area in the middle of the two screens important
(that's usually the area you concentrate on most of the time).

Thus I got the idea to toggle the stack position between bottom
and wether left or right. This results in a dual-head setup in
two dwm instances, a dwm.left and a dwm.right:

   scr 0 scr 1
This only works without Xinerama, but it is actually < 5 lines
of code to support such change. It supports me to have two
master columns and two stacks. I don't think I will ever need

> |In a setup with many windows opened, I imagine you need a
> |totally different approach, but I doubt this scales well with the
> |design decisions in dwm, out of curiosity, did you tried
> |gridlayout?
> As mentioned above, I've got a mix of source code windows
> where "tall and relatively narrow" is desired and image/graph
> windows where you want "wider than tall" so being able to
> put them into a "slave" column makes sense. So I didn't try a
> "make them all the same shape"-type grid layout. The most
> awkward thing Icoulde see is that X doesn't (AFAIK) provide any
> way for an application to specify that it has a desired
> _aspect ratio_, so I started to imagine all sorts of hacks in a WM
> for figuring out which clients wanted exactly the aspect
> ratio implied by their initial geometry and which were truly
> resizable. And then I saw the chasm of hard-to-debug complexity opening
> up in front of me so I abandoned that idea.

Yes, I can imagine. But I thought more into a different
direction when mentioning grid layout, I only refer to grid
layout for the stack. Assumed you have 3 heads one could split
the stack area into two areas:


and the windows in the stack areas are organized in grid layout,
and the cycle is switching in modulo 2 steps between the stack areas.


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