Re: [dwm] tag-used indicator dots

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 13:16:06 +0100

Tako rzecze Sander van Dijk (w e-mailu datowanym 2006-12-01, 13:03):

> >Well this is my last proposal:
> >
> >
> >Maybe the best if one considers, that a user might use black on
> >white colors, and definately no 3D.
> >
> >(Pushed into hg tip)
> Hm, I think that is way too obtrusive for the information it
> provides... I liked the 3d stuff better (and really, people that find
> that "too much eye-candy" should go back to green on black textscreens
> and refrain from using X altogether :-P ).

Well.. Sander is right: it is a bit too much for what it tells us. I
think you should either stick with with the almost 3d variant, or
something like I (and Karl) suggested (just a horizontal line), or just
leave as it is right now in the released version. It's just fine too.


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