Re: [dwm] Again client titles and nmaster indicator

From: Ricardo Lanziano <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 16:33:52 -0500

* Anselm R. Garbe <> [2007-01-13 14:36:59 +0100]:

> Hence I plan to replace the client titlebars with a
> new color tuple instead:
> BORDERBGCOLOR (border of unfocused window)
> BORDERFGCOLOR (border of focused window)

Thats a better indicator indeed.

> I know that there are several people who definately like the
> client title windows, but I tried to live without them several
> times, and noticed what I really miss is more a really obvious
> focus indicator (which can be achieved with a very shiny border
> color for focused windows).

Current focused window title can be seen in the statusbar anyway
(which is the window im really paying attention at that moment) and
my terms doesnt update the window title because i started to find
them annoying and useless.

> Also after using the new nmaster %u indicator in the TILESYMBOL
> I conclude it's useless and ugly. I'm going to remove it as well.


> Please complain.

Theres no need ;)

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