Re: [dwm] dzen2

From: pancake <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2007 19:45:11 +0100 (CET)

BUG LIST and wishlist:

* PLEASE. Use getopt() instead of the for+strcmp loop.

* -m flag is not reported with -h message.

* the -m flag doesn't works for me. no multilines anything.

* the message buffer is not clean before reading anything from stdin

* hook a keybinding to get out the "permanent" mode.
   ( this can be done with pkill dzen2 with xbindkeys or so), but queuing
   messages should be nice.

* i've found read some lines that should be changed because they'r senseless:

 fputs("dzen-"VERSION", (C)opyright 2007 Robert Manea\n", stdout);

  why not just:

 puts("dzen-"VERSION", (C)opyright 2007 Robert Manea");

\n is done by puts() and stdout is default for printing such

* would be nice to be able to choose where we want to print the statusbar
  (bottom, top, etc) and the height. (not only the font)


> Hi,
> I modified dzen quite a bit and came out with this:
> The most noticeable change is the support of multiline windows.
> This means you will be alerted as uѕual with a single line window. By
> moving the mouse inside this window the multiline window will become
> visible. As soon as the mouse leaves the multiline window it will become
> invisble again.
> You can scroll up/down and make the multiline window sticky.
> See the README file for some examples.
> But keep in mind this is an alpha version without much polishing and
> testing. If you find it useful or have any comments I'd be happy to hear
> of them.
> Cheers, Rob
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