Re: [dwm] dzen2 latest release

From: Robert Manea <>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 12:39:08 +0100


* ( wrote:

> This is very nice, as often I want long lines in dzen2 but a shorter
> title. Even more ideal would be a clear setting which would allow you
> to enhance dwm's status bar... e.g., with correct placement and the
> clear switch (or perhaps clear as a fg/bg color) it could be placed over
> certain parts of the bar. The reason I don't just use dzen2 instead of

Sorry, I dont't get it. How should this clearing work? Make the window
transparent? Or is it just different colors you want to set at runtime?

> the bar is that certain parts of my bar get bigger/smaller depending on
> various factors, so it's hard to integrate dzen2 -p without obscuring
> stuff some of the time. But with a clear setting I could just have
> mouseover areas.

Obscuring things is definitly a problem, thats why dzen has autohiding
facilities now. See the README for details.

What is not implemented until now, but is on todo for the next version,
is sane signaling. I guess it would be nice to hide/unhide multiple dzen
processes with a key combo, that way you could build an autohiding bar
out of a couple of dzens.

> Lydgate

Bye, Rob.
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