Re: [dwm] Fullscreen layout manager - monocle patch

From: Tony Lainson <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 19:51:11 +1100

> just created patch to add fullscreen layout manager.
> It show only one window (that is actualy selected) on screen, but maximized.
> Switching between windows is then as usualy.

Hee hee. For some reason monocles always amuse me. Maybe I'm just
weird. In any case, changing the name to "max" or something and the
symbol to "[ ]" would make a lot more sense.

I used to use a layout like that, but I kept forgetting that there
were other clients, so I switched to bstack with MASTERWIDTH turned up
high. One day I'll get a bigger monitor, and then []= will be fine.

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