Re: [dwm] 3.8: incnmaster bugfix

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 10:40:40 +0200

On Mon, Mar 26, 2007 at 08:34:08PM +0200, Johannes Klauser wrote:
> >The behavior of vanille dwm-3.8:incnmaster() is intended as is.
> >Actually manipulating nmaster has no side-effects and doesn't
> >depends on the layout in use or the amount of windows managed by
> >dwm in view.
> I did the patch because if nmaster is different from aktual view, you see
> no effect by pressing "MODKEY|ShiftMask,XK_j/k". If you didn't pay
> attention to this (or if you press it for some seconds for some reason)
> you don't know the actual value of nmaster. Therefore it may be useful to
> limit nmaster (by number of clients of actual tag, or (beeing more
> konservative) by number of all clients), or having a view of the actual
> nmaster value (e.g. at the topbar).

I know this problem. But it is intended, because nmaster is
independent from any amount of windows - calling incnmaster(NULL)
will restore the nmaster value to the initial one (NMASTER) defined in
config.h - so if you assume #define NMASTER 666 your patch would
break anyways...

Actually, a more straight solution seems to me replacing
incnmaster() with setnmaster() which sets the nmaster value
directly. Usually I rarely use setups with nmaster > 3.

> The second approach (nmaster at topbar) may be the best solution to make
> dwm more comfortable without changing the current nmaster implementation.

I tested this in some release (I think it was 2.8), but I
didn't liked this approach.


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