[dwm] Xrandr support

From: Christian Garbs <mitch_AT_cgarbs.de>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 15:35:14 +0200


I've release dwm-mitch 2.7 which contains Xrandr support (it's based
on a Xrandr patch for wmii). Perhaps someone will find this useful.
I need it when I hook my laptop up to my TV and switch to a 400x300


Btw: I've tried to re-implement the client tags patch from Ross's
bstack patchset, but it did not work. Sometimes dwm goes into
infinite loops and I don't know how to debug X applications

If anybody wants to have a go at it: dwm-mitch-2.7 contains
04_patch_dwm_mitch_clientstyle.diff.BROKEN which is how far I've got.


Windows 98 doesn't support b/w displays - 
they can't display the blue screen.

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