Re: [dwm] Monocle patch for dwm-4.2

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 00:58:25 +0200

> I know this problem for a long time, but this is not easily solvable. If
ok i didn't think much about the problem previously

> sort of Inteligent Restack (TM) :DD but hey, this will render monocle()
yes probably restack should be rethinked because sometimes it is
called unnecessaryly in lt->arrange() (togglebar, inc(n)master(w),
zoom, configurenotify, ..).

> restackfocused()
> {
> XEvent ev;
> drawstatus(); /* Maybe not needed? */
> if(!sel)
> return;
> if(sel->isfloating || lt->arrange == floating)
> XRaiseWindow(dpy, sel->win);
> else
> XLowerWindow(dpy, sel->win);
> XSync(dpy, False);
> while(XCheckMaskEvent(dpy, EnterWindowMask, &ev));
> }
it looks ok, but if the focused tiled window is lowered then that's
still not good for monocle (or fullscreen as it's called in my src)
may be XRestackWindows[1] can be used to place the tiled window
exactly where we want (below the floating layer but on top of the
tiled windows)
or we can call a full restack when a tiled window appears and do
nothing with it in restackfocused()
well it still needs some thinking (it would be easier if the X window
stack could be manipulated more straightforwardly)

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