Re: [dwm] Monocle patch for dwm-4.2

From: Anydot <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 02:43:52 +0200

On (03/06/07 01:22), Anydot wrote:
> hm, with XRestackWindows we will get bunch of problems and it will bloat
> code as there must be then malloc-ed memory and then filled with
> windows from snext linked list in right order.
> All we need is some form of "layers" on for raising up floating windows
> while second for raising up !floating windows. Is there something like
> this in Xlib?

We can use XRaiseWindow for floating windows and:

XWindowChanges wc;
wc.sibling = barwin;
wc.stack_mode = Below;
XConfigureWindow(dpy, c->win, CWSibling | CWStackMode, &wc);

to raise focused window right below barwin, so in this way, we easily
get sort of 2 layers, one for floating windows on top and one for other,
non-floating clients. Between them, the barwin is placed. So imho whole
this way with throwing restack() away is imho now solvable and it will
(imho) easy and clear many things (the code get even smaller and
quicker). and as side-efect flicker in monocle will disappear (the
flicker is imho observable in tile mode + some isfloating windows, but
is not so obvious).

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