Re: [dwm] X paste support for dmenu?

From: Marek Bernat <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 01:14:04 +0200

My imagination is not limited, you do not have to offend me, thank you ;-)
It is just that to run xterm, you probably won't go searching for text
'xterm' in browser or in other app. Detto with other programs.
Copying is a nice idea in general, but I haven't heard a single useful
pattern for dmenu yet. Dmenu is just keyboard driven application starter.
Adding any more functionality just because someone thinks it's nice (and he
doesn't even mention any use-case) isn't a right way of doing things IMHO.
That argument thing of yours doesn't sound very useful also. Can you give a
more concrete example?

On 6/16/07, Antoni Grzymala <> wrote:
> Tako rzecze Marek Bernat (w e-mailu datowanym 2007-06-16, 19:25):
> > As in: typing the program you want to run, then selecting it, then
> running
> > dmenu and then pasting? I didn't hear such an useless idea in a while
> :-)
> Looks like your imagination is somewhat limited. You don't have to type
> things to be able to select them. There happens to be quite a lot of
> other sources of text on screen of an average computer user.
> I think being able to paste the contents of the clipboard (for example
> as arguments to a program selected from a pre-made dmenu list) is a very
> cool idea.
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