Re: [dwm] {V,H}RATIO

From: Robert Figura <>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 17:12:28 +0200

Antoni Grzymala <>
> Tako rzecze Robert Figura (w e-mailu datowanym 2007-08-10, 05:46):
> > Actually, i do use NMASTER for file sorting occasionally but with the
> > master windows tiling left to right (made myself a twist orientation
> > hotkey). Never felt the need to increase NMASTER > 3 though.
> For those of you guys, who use nmaster for having two terminal windows
> one above the other just use screen(1)'s split function.

That won't work for me since i meant to speak of graphical clients.

> trying to get correct windows where intended.

This indeed ist a weakness of nmaster. Once you have them in place
you don't want to change the order of these windows again. a single l2r
stack would do as well, i could hack this in minutes...

done, captain. drop nmaster :-)

  - Robert Figura
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