[dwm] Tag-handling related bug in recent hg revisions.

From: Antoni Grzymala <antoni_AT_chopin.edu.pl>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 00:30:36 +0200


there's a bug introduced in one of the recent revisions which can be
described as follows:

My xdm runs two xclients apart from its login widget, one of them is a
tk app showing two buttons (halt/reboot), the other is plain old
xconsole. I got these two apps regexped for tag number 9.

These apps keep running after dwm is launched from .xsession (as

In dwm-4.3 they would properly disappear from view (as I'm not viewing
tag 9) right after dwm had started (and be visible when tag 9 was
viewed), in current versions they stay visible on screen unless I
actually view tag 9, and then stop viewing it. Then they resume expected

Ah, the tag indicator correctly shows that tag 9 is occupied right from
the start, if that helps anything.



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