Re: [dwm] [patch] Tomati patch for 4.4.1

From: Christoph Siegenthaler <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 15:35:18 +0200

Julien Barnier wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just wrote a small patch to dwm 4.4.1 called tomati (for
> TOggleMAxTIled). It's purpose is to allow the use of the togglemax
> function on tiled windows. I tested it a little and it seems to me
> that it behave as it should be.
> But as it is the first patch I submit, and not only for dwm, there may
> be problems I didn't see. Of course feedbacks are really welcome.
> And thanks again for this really great WM !

Works great so far! Thanks a lot.
I tried the monocle patch today but your patch fits my needs way better!
(I haven't tested your patch for a long time yet but I'll report issues
if they should appear)

Cheers Sigi
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