Re: [dwm] [patch] Stack columns patch for dwm-4.4.1

From: pancake <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 00:57:42 +0200

I have integrated your stack columns patch into my own branch. There are
some changes of keybindings and the code to fix some things that I feel

The keybindings are mixed with the nmaster one which I feel quite powerful.

Here's my keybindings

        { MODKEY|ShiftMask, XK_l, setncols, "+1" }, \
        { MODKEY|ShiftMask, XK_h, setncols, "-1" }, \
        { MODKEY|ShiftMask, XK_j, setnmaster, "+1" }, \
        { MODKEY|ShiftMask, XK_k, setnmaster, "-1" }, \

Some tips:

//#define NCOLS 1 /* maximum number of stacking area columns */
#define NCOLS 1 /* default number of stacking area columns */

The i<0 condition has been changed to i<1 to avoid strange situations.

You can check this code here:

On Sun, 9 Sep 2007 17:57:31 +0100
Chris Webb <> wrote:

> Below is a patch for the current release (4.4.1) of dwm which enables
> multiple columns in the stacking area. It introduces variables nrows and
> ncols with corresponding default values NROWS and NCOLS in
> config.h.default, and corresponding setnrows() and setncols() for use in
> keybindings.
> If nrows == ncols == 0, tile() behaves in the normal manner. When nrows >
> 0, tile() creates an extra column if adding another window to the current
> one would cause it to exceed nrows clients. If ncols > 0, the maximum
> number of columns created cannot exceed ncols, overriding the nrows
> setting. The patch also reintroduces nmaster in a similar way to the
> existing nmaster patch, but allows it to be zero to simulate a grid mode.
> Where there are not enough windows to fill all the columns evenly, the
> extra space is used by the top-most client in the first column.
> I'd be interested in any feedback. (I use this 'extended tiling' mode
> myself, and so intend to maintain the patch going forward.)
> Best wishes,
> Chris.

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