Re: [dwm] A nice flame about C++

From: Sylvain Bertrand <>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 19:32:12 +0200

2007/9/23, Antoni Grzymala <>:
> Tako rzecze Kurt H Maier (w e-mailu datowanym 2007-09-23, 11:03):
> > Have you considered maybe his emotions are a part of his argument, and
> > that's why he's conveying them? In addition to telling the guy why
> > C++ is inappropriate for git, it's pretty clear he's tired of people
> > rolling up and expounding on the obvious inherent superiority of
> > $language.
> Yes. He's surely tired of that, what I'm saying is that putting too much
> emotion into an argument actually spoils it in my opinion. Nothing more
> than a way to start a flamewar.
> > Think about it. If he had posted some kind of emotionless drone about
> > string handling in C, nothing would have come of it. Instead, he was
> > emotional, articulate, and honest, and Anselm thought it sufficiently
> > amusing/informative to post it here. I guarantee [dwm] isn't the only
> > mailing list it's being discussed on -- which lets more people know
> > that Linus is sticking with C for git. It also makes it clear that a
> > person would be wasting his time to post "well c++ might not be the
> > answer but clearly you should use $yet_another_language!"
> OK, I'm not proposing and emotionless drone, just thought that abusing
> the other party up front with a big "*YOU* are full of bullshit" is
> mostly unnecessary on a technical ML and makes the author look silly to
> put it mildly.
> I have nothing against Anselm putting the link on this ML, in fact I too
> found it a little amusing even if I was amused the other way round. So I
> just posted my comment on the matter.
> > I'm still having a hard time figuring out how getting pissed off makes
> > him a complete moron. Some of the most brilliant people I know get
> > furious over trivial things. Strike that: _most_ of the brilliant
> > people I know get furious over trivial things. What has made you
> > equate anger with idiocy?
> Hey, I see your point. It's mostly about the wording: in my post I said
> that what Linus wrote makes him look like a complete moron. So I'm not
> equating anger with idiocy, just judging the outcome of his anger as
> looking [completely] moronic and unnecessary. Perhaps "a complete
> moron", if taken literally sounds too strong, but then, why shouldn't
> you take my opinion literally if we're discussing Linus' opinion. No,
> I'm not proposing that Linus *is* a moron (for obviously he is not),
> just commented that he made himself look like one.
> Really, I can agree with most you're saying, just seeing the other side,
> too.
> Best,
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>From my point of view and my experience in computer programming, I
fully agree with Linus.
I would not be happy to see dwm go C++ or even D. Since nothing is
perfect, I'm not happy that debian aptitude is C++, gentoo paludis is
C++, libtorrent is C++.
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