Re: [dwm] [PATCH] An experiment with X resources

From: Tuncer Ayaz <>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 08:31:25 +0200

On 9/25/07, Anselm R. Garbe <> wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 25, 2007 at 08:04:54AM +0200, Anselm R. Garbe wrote:


> > I don't see much benefit in this design, because you have to
> > edit config.h anyways. And in my opinion key bindings don't
> > change frequently, same with appearance stuff. Hell, if
> > dwm configuration is such an issue, what's the problem in
> > extracting the dwm tarball to $HOME/.dwm and writing a dwm
> > wrapper script instead which calls make before starting dwm?
> > So you can configure dwm easily through editing
> > $HOME/.dwm/config.h, and you won't notice a big difference (X
> > usually takes longer to start up than dwm to compile)...
> Besides this there are chances that some more tiny C compiler
> might have chances for further adaption, esp. pcc (in contrast
> to 8c and tcc).

with runtime reloading of dwm without losing all the windows
and their settings this would resemble stumpwm being controlled
via SLIME :D. I have to admit I didn't yet try to reload dwm
without exiting it and therefore am not sure how easy that is
and well that works.
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