[dwm] pterm - yet another good terminal.

From: John A. Grahor <jag_AT_techma.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 15:57:19 -0400

I'm using pterm. It is part of recent unix versions of Putty.

Putty, if you were unaware, is a very good terminal+telnet&ssh client
originally developed for Windows. It is free software with a very
liberal license.

Recently they have added a unix port which provides all the Windows
functionality plus a stripped down program called pterm which just
provides the terminal capability without the telnet or the ssh client.

I recommend it to you all because it works properly in the context of a
tiling WM like dwm. I.E., you can run dwm in the fully tiled mode (with
no spaces between the windows). It is VERY very fast, faster than the
version of rxvt that is installed on my machine. It depends only on GTK
1.x. I doesn't have to be "installed"; once built you can run it from
anywhere. I have it in ~/bin/.

And Anselm, although I haven't had the time to dive into it, it appears
to implement your idea of a separating the terminal functionality from
the ptty. For each instance of the terminal it runs two processes.

Also, it has a feature that for me is invaluable. It will run in "line"
mode. That is, you can set it up to collect input until you hit <CR>
and then it will send the whole line to the ptty. I have a bunch of
hosts around the world I log into via ssh over horribly slow satellite
links and ssh doesn't support line mode like telnet does.

I don't know how pterm handles UTF8 et al but would be interested to
know what you all think.

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