Re: [dwm] How to properly execute DWM from GDM?

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 11:31:09 +0200

Amit Uttamchandani dixit (2007-10-08, 02:02):

> Hey guys,
> I apologize if this is a newbie question but I couldn't seem to figure
> it out. I recently installed GDM and added a 'dwm.desktop' file under
> /usr/share/gdm/BuiltInSessions. I am now getting it to show up on the
> session list. However, I can't get it to execute my .xinitrc. How is
> this done?
> My dwm.desktop file is as follows:

When I used gdm (I now use xdm with some custom restart/reboot buttons)
I used to have more or less a duplicate of my .xinitrc in some
/usr/local/ directory which was pointed to as the exec argument in the
desktop entry if I remember correctly. If this does not work, try
figuring out by looking at the entries from other window managers listen
in gdm, that's what I did.


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